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Seabob and Water Bike Rental Porto Rotondo

For an even more dynamic experience, we offer Seabob and Water Bike rentals.
Add a touch of fun to your holiday in Sardinia!

Seabob rental

The underwater world awaits you
Diving with a SEABOB is pure fascination and guarantees an exciting snorkelling, apnoea or scuba diving experience. Long or short dives, dynamic or relaxing, you will discover an unknown world with a new intensity!
The SEABOB is also completely eco-friendly. It moves powerfully and almost silently across the water. Man and machine become one. For the first time, you can move through the water with the same agility as a dolphin. In complete freedom, both on the surface and in the depths.
The Seabob can be hired at Marinella Beach.
Rental times range from 15 minutes to an hour.

Water Bike Hire

A great way to enjoy the sea and exercise while having fun!
The Schiller bike (also known as a floating boat or bike-boat) is a real light bike designed to explore coastal waters in complete freedom, silence and respect for nature.
It consumes no fuel, requires no licence and does not pollute!
Mounted on two floats that allow you to “pedal” on the water, it ensures.
Fun, easy pedalling, low commitment, suitable for everyone!

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